Reconciling Trades with Different Symbols - My Position is Not Flatening
Posted by Henry Gage on 19 March 2014 11:16 PM

Question: How do I get my positions to flatten when there are symbol changes

Seems you are on the right path. Not sure why the broker added more information to the symbol field, which creates a new symbol.

You could try File/Export Transaction History. Then open the file in Excel.
While in Excel, sort by the symbol field to see all of the variations.
Then copy paste the same symbol into all of the similar fields to correct the brokerage data
Next try sorting by symbol then data/time
This will show you the attempted matching order
If you cut and paste so the data is in a correct order then TA will attempt to remember to order during import
After import you can look in the Transaction Screen and use our Reconciliation Wizard by selecting Display View/Positions Reconciliation
While in this view it will show you when the position is flat, this way you can see if an action needs changing from long to short or timing order.
To make these adjustments on screen select Right Mouse while hovering on a trade and pick from the menu.

At each major step you can also create a backup of your data: File/Save As Backup

Original Question:
> I am going thru my trades and I have 178 ungrouped sells. I matched
> the
> transaction to my spreadsheet and I need to change the transaction.
> Example:
> My spreadsheet reads:
> *Date Action Symbol Qty Price Commission Amount*
> 1/5/2005 Sell MXIM 400 40.26 4.38
> 16099.62
> The Not Group Transaction Reads (Closed Position):
> *Date Action Symbol Qty Price Commission
> Amount*
> 1/5/2005 Sell MXIM 200(of400) 40.26 2.19
> 8049.81
> So I am thinking I should be short 400 MXIM and need to adjust to read
> same
> as my spreadsheet. When I highlight transaction and click "Modify",
> *The
> Basic Info shows the same information as my spreadsheet.* So I can't
> make
> an adjustment.
> My next 2 actions were to Buy 200 MXIM making my position flat.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Thank you,

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