Split - Corporate Actions, How to Apply
Posted by Henry Gage on 10 February 2010 06:03 PM
Regarding: Split - Corporate Actions, How to Apply

[Customer]: How do I record a stock split.... Do I have to do it manually by modifying the transaction?... I tried to do it by editing and setting up a corporate event... it recorded. but does not seem to change the number of shares in the open position transaction report.

[Support]: The Corporate Action dialog does the calculations in memory. To see the affect look at the Reports screen or select the Transactions screen and Display View: Positions and Corporate Actions.

It might be easier to apply this change manually if the positions are fully open. You can use the Modify Transaction to do this by following these steps...

0. Select File/Save As Backup
1. A split will multiply the quantity by the ratio. A 2 for 1 would multiply Qty*2. Calculate this.
2. Place that number in the quantity field of the selected transaction(s).
3. Click on the () above the Price field so it changes to (*).
4. Select Recalculate

If you have some opening trade that are partially closed then change them into two trades. One matching the amount of the partial close and the other with the remaining open amount. Then only adjust the remaining opening position.

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