Reconcile Gain/Loss and Ungrouped Trades
Posted by Henry Gage on 03 March 2010 06:42 AM
Regarding: Reconcile Gain/Loss and Ungrouped Trades

After running “Reconcile Gain\Loss” the General Information screen came up, then I clicked on “c)” which had “1 Ungrouped Sells”. My next step was I clicking “Show Details” it showed “10/28 -3 Nov 115 Put @ 4.52” meaning I had to find a +3 Nov 115 Put. When I ran “Transaction by Symbol” I found “10/28 (same day) +3 Nov 115 Put @ 6.95… Is this the match?
My broker’s report shows:
• 1) 10/28 +3 Nov 115 Put @ 6.95
• 2) 10/28 -7 Nov 115 Put @ 4.52 -- Total = -4
• 3) 10/29 +4 Nov 115 Put @4.70 -- Total = 0

This is a great puzzle! The steps you have taken are right on point. In fact by setting the following filter:

Accounts: Pick the one of interest
Date Range Type: Year & Tax Period
Year: All
Period: All
Screen: Transactions
Display Mode: By Symbol
Display View: Positions

Then selecting one symbol at a time by click on the symbol list then using the down arrow to scroll through the list, you can get an overview of potential issue like this for other symbols.

For the mentioned trades they will likely appear similar to:
1) 10/28 +3 Nov 115 Put @ 6.95
2) 10/28 -7 Nov 115 Put @ 4.52 -- Total = -4
3) 10/29 +4 Nov 115 Put @4.70 -- Total = 0

When data is imported into TA there is also time included to sequence trades withing the day. This means if the time of the closing trade is before the closing trade then they don't group. This is easily fixed by clicking on one of the trades and changing the time.

A second issue is a sequence error where a position goes long to short or short to long in one trade without stopping at zero. To fix this run Tool/Sequence Error Discovery or split the trade into one that closes with a quantity of 3 and one the open short with a quantity of 4.

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