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Please read an important email delivery notice below.

This week we released TAPro 3.8 with 8949 PDF reports. TAPro version (August) is a free upgrade for existing customers.

This build includes:

1. Built-in 8949 Reports
2. Export 8949 data to Excel (.csv file format)
3. Wash Sale Calculations within accounts (on or off for any account)
4. Wash Sale Calculations between accounts (on or off for all accounts)
5. Print to .PDF

Download Sites:

When installing on Win7 or Vista, hover over setup_TAPro_3.8.exe and select Right Mouse, then "Run as administrator".

Install / Load Data Details:

Installation Directory:

On 32 bit x86 systems (XP, Win. 2000 etc.):
C:\Program Files\C:\Program Files\Sync Essentials\TradeAccountantPRO_3.8.August

On 64 bit systems (win7 & Vista):
C:\Program Files\C:\Program Files (x86)\Sync Essentials\TradeAccountantPRO_3.8.August

Load prior data:
1. Close the new version of TAPro, open the prior version and select File/Save As Backup.
2. Close the prior version of TAPro, open the new version and select File/Open/Replace With TA 3.X...

Questions and FAQ:

Or call and talk with a team member: 408 884 9560.


Member of TA Support Team

email delivery notification:
Please notify fellow traders regarding this release. If they didn’t receive our email it could be in their Spam folder.

For Gmail users, check your spam folder from time to time to make sure important notifications are not incorrectly categorized. Follow their instructions to prevent this in the future (add to your address book).

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