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TAPro Update to update_3. is available
Posted by Henry Gage on 10 January 2011 03:02 AM

Subject: TAPro Update to update_3. is available


We finished engineering and QA testing for the following:

Manual Groups:
In a prior release the quantity and amount of the opening trade appeared as “0” due to changes in the database table fieldnames. This version enables manual grouping of a closing transaction with an opening transaction of your choosing.

Screen: Groups
Display View: Change Groups – Manual Groups

File Parser Update:
In addition to Sync import, .OFX file import, .QFX file import, .QIF file import, and manual file import, version 3.7 includes a smart parser for automatic .CSV file import.

The smart parser looks at the header of the import file and applies predefined rules to discover symbols, define security types and import transactions. When using the smart parser, it is best to use an original file provided by your brokerage. If you edit the file then it changes the pattern and TA may not automatically recognize the file.

If TA recognizes a file format then the automatic import is attempted. Otherwise the manual file import is available. To save more of your time, please encourage your brokerage to work with us and improve the import experience.

One Click Smart Parsers (in alphabetic order):

ChoiceTrade (.QIF, .OFX and .CSV… file available from Penson)
ETrade (.CSV)
Fidelity (.CSV)
Penson (.CSV)

Files Updated (this release):

- DatabaseLib.dll modified 01/09/2011
- TAConvertLib.dll modified 01/09/2011
- tapro.exe modified 01/09/2011
- TaServices.dll modified 01/06/2011

Update Steps:

This update is released as an engineering patch. In the future we will release these new files as part of a one click installer. Follow these steps to upgrade your installation of TAPro with this engineering release.

1. Visit the support site to obtain installation files:

2. As a precaution with all updates, backup your data:
a) File/Save As Backup
b) File/Export/Symbol Details
c) File/Export/Transactions
d) File/Export/Corporate Actions (this is for version 3.7 only)

3. If you have not done so already, download and install version 3.7 following those instructions.

4. Download the file:

5. Unzip the file and copy over the file in the 3.7 directory, typically here:
C:\Program Files\Sync Essentials\TradeAccountantPRO_3.7.00

6. Launch TAPro, if you see “Can’t initialize dB”, launch TA again. If you need to load your data, select File/Open (Restore Backup)/Replace with TA 3.X Backup File.

Tech Tip: When File/Open (Restore Backup)/Replace with TA 3.X Backup File does not work, try File/Open (Restore Backup)/Append from TA 3.X Backup File.

Databases have tables, fieldnames, field length changes, setting changes and field content. The append feature has fewer technical limitations whereas replace expects significant similarity between the current and the new dB formats. We try to make it easy but there are a lot of details.

A reason we recommend export of Symbols, Transactions and Corporate Actions is because these are simple files that contain your data whereas a .bk file is a database backup, which has a complex format.

Closing Comments:
It would be great if you could push a button and like magic everything is done – no emails, no thought cycles.

Let us know when you are ready for us to hire more rocket scientists to build that magic solution, but first we would need a price increase or sales increase to pay for the engineering cost.

If you help get TAPro adopted by more brokerages and friends then we can increase ease of use faster!

Thank You,

TradeAccountant Team Member

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